Meet Our Faculty: Prof. Yuri Rassovsky

Meet Prof. Yuri Rassovsky, head of the Cognitive Enhancement and Rehabilitation Lab at Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Psychology, and senior researcher at The Leslie and Susan Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center. Prof. Rassovsky’s research focuses on innovative methods for cognitive enhancement and rehabilitation of neurocognitive deficits in severe mental illness and neurological disorders: “Our lab’s key objective is to decipher how sports activities affect the human brain, and by extension – our cognitive functions.” Using his findings, Prof. Rassovsky aspires to improve cognitive and mental functions among children, teens and adults, thus promoting awareness to the importance of physical activity.

In recent years, Prof. Rassovsky, a clinical neuropsychologist and a credited martial arts instructor, headed the clinical-rehabilitative study track at BIU’s Department of Psychology, and is heading the innovative sports lab at the Gonda Brain Center. He has recently expanded his scientific expertise from schizophrenia and traumatic head injuries to studies examining the effects of physical activity on brain functions. 

Prof. Rassovsky spent the past decade studying the cognitive and emotional difficulties faced by people with sever psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia, and has garnered world fame in his field, as well as numerous grants and awards, such as the Young Researcher’s Award for the study of schizophrenia and depression, given by the National Institute of Mental Health National Institute of Mental Health in the US. His studies are currently funded by the National Foundation of Science in Israel.

Another field of study Prof. Rassovsky focuses on is the cognitive and psychological differences between different addiction types, funded by the Israel Anti-Drug Authority. He has also received a grant from the Israel Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, to study the benefits of martial arts on neuro-endocrine functions of at-risk youth.

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