Dr. Eyal Yaniv - Head, Gradute School of Business Administration

The Head of BIU’s Graduate School of Business Administration, Dr. Eyal Yaniv, is considered one of Israel’s internet pioneers, and is also the co-founder of IOL.co.il of Haaretz Group (now Walla). Dr. Yaniv returned to BIU after completing his post doc at Harvard Business School.  Having acquired three degrees in Computer Science and Psychology at BIU, in the mid 1990’s Yaniv ventured into the business world. He headed various divisions at IAI and IBM, before delving into internet entrepreneurship. “When internet bandwidth began to evolve, I founded “Nonstop”, a company providing ADSL high-speed Internet and infrastructure services.” In the early 2000’s, Yaniv sold most of his shares in the company and went back to school. “I discovered I enjoyed academia, and that doing research was sustaining my curiosity while still enabling me to continue and be active in the business world.” That is also the reason to Yaniv’s continued activity is Director and consultant for large companies, such as Bezeq and Africa-Israel, as well as various startups.

Dr. Yaniv’s research interests are varied and cross disciplinary, including pricing of works of art. “This research involves psychology, branding and my personal interest as an art collector.” Another research by Yaniv focuses on a current trend he dubs “reluctant entrepreneurs”, relating to middle aged people who left their jobs and couldn’t find new jobs, thus forcing them to open a small business. Yaniv explains: “I realized that some of those entrepreneurs earn more than they did as employees, but are not as content and would much rather be employees than self-employed. The reason is the loss of free time and consequently their sense of satisfaction. It’s interesting to learn that a person who is a born entrepreneur is not upset by the loss of free time. In fact, he is usually happier.”

As lecturer of business strategy and head of the graduate business school, Dr. Yaniv strives to merge the practical world with academia. One way of doing that is holding study tours to China, during which BIU’s Business Administration students visit Chinese universities, factories and companies, and are schooled about Chinese culture and Chinese business culture. The objective is to teach them how to trade with China – the world’s second largest market.

Another example is the new entrepreneurship study track offered by the school, for students interested in founding a company or reinvigorating existing companies. The program includes professional conferences, workshops and entrepreneurs club, offering students a chance to meet with seasoned businessmen, learn from them and expand their own professional network.