Prof. Yehuda Lindell

Prof. Yehuda Lindell (Enlarge)

Lindell acquired two degrees at BIU, and then completed his PhD at the Weizmann Institute, after which he began working at IBM labs in New York.  In 2004 he joined BIU’s faculty. In the ensuing decade Lindell won two significant EU research grants which enabled him to establish a research group and become a world renowned cryptography expert. Recently, Lindell was chosen to establish a cyber research center at BIU, an initiative of the Israeli Prime Minister’s National Cyber Bureau, in an effort to improve the level of cyber research and train a new generation of cyber scientists. Lindell says that cyber security research is imperative for scientific advancement, but especially for civic protection, since massive amounts of data are transferred around the world every day, including personal information which, if exposed, can pose harm to many individuals, organizations and even states. “The best examples for this,” he notes, “are Google and Waze, whose business models are based on accumulating information and users’ interests, as well as their locations. These are details enabling those companies to use targeted and personalized advertising. Even public and commercial companies gather personal details about their clients. The disclosure of these details, as well as cross-referencing them with publically available data, may cause unimaginable damage to companies and individuals.”

To help prevent this, Prof. Lindell uses secure computation technologies he has developed to create protection from cyber-attacks. His technology splits the code that deciphers encoded data inside the system into several segments. Using computation protocols, and without revealing the actual data, this technology enables continued coding and decoding computation.

“In many cases,” says Lindell, “there is still much work to do in order to obtain protocols that are efficient enough to be used in practice. But we’ve definitely come a long way in protecting people’s privacy.”

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