Prof. Elda Weizman - A Master of Translation

Prof. Elda Weizman - A Master of Translation (Enlarge)

Prof. Elda Weizman is the Head of the Interdisciplinary Studies Unit at Bar-Ilan’s Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies. Her research interests, anchored in socio-pragmatics, focus on the interpretation of indirectness in written and oral discourse, with special emphasis on irony and challenge in a cross-cultural perspective (English, French and Hebrew) in the written and electronic media.
”Knowing the differences of cultural linguistic norms is essential to any interpreter,” says Prof. Weizman. “It can be related to either the translational solutions – for instance, the redundancy of translating the word “Mr.” from French, in which it is used as a sign of respect and courtesy to Hebrew, when it is sometimes used in mock or irony, or it can be related to understanding more substantial cultural gaps, such as Hebrew’s tendency to use much more irony than English or French. Recognizing and acknowledgement of these differences is necessary in any interaction between cultures.”

Consequently, Prof. Weizman is currently conducting a corpus-based research on irony in on-line commenting and op-eds in websites of Israeli and French newspapers, specifically Ha'aretz, NRG and Ynet, as compared with Le Monde, Le Figaro and Libération. Her book, Positioning in Media Dialogue , explores dialogism in political news interviews, based on a research supported by the Israel Academy of Sciences. Prof. Weizman (co-) edited special issues and publishes in English, French and Hebrew, e.g. in Journal of Pragmatics,  Language Sciences, Argumentation et Analyse du DiscoursQuestions de Communication and  Balshanut Ivrit. She is currently co-editing (with Prof. Anita Fetzer)  two volumes on the pragmatics of follow-ups with John Benjamins . She further conducted, with Prof. Lea Kozminsky, a research on the pragmatics of self-advocacy by students with learning disabilities, supported by the Israel Academy of Sciences.

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