BIU Medical Faculty Treat Syrian War Casualties

Faculty members in The Azrieli School of Medicine of BIU figure at the forefront of efforts to treat Syrian war casualties brought by the IDF to Israeli

hospitals in the past months. At Ziv Medical Center in Safed, which has opened its doors to some 130 wounded Syrians, the School's new head of the Orthopedic Academic Department has generated headlines. With expertise in reconstructive surgery and war injuries, Prof. Alexander Lerner, who heads Orthopedics at Ziv, has rebuilt limbs and lives. In one poignant case, he was able to repair a severely shattered leg of an 8-year-old Syrian girl, using a special technique that had never previously been performed on such a young patient.  He recounts that just two months after she arrived at Ziv, "The child, a favorite in the department, was cheered and hugged when she stood up and took her first step, smiling broadly at us all. It was an extremely moving moment".