Rap & Rock: 2013/2014 Kicks Off on Right Note

Kicking off the academic year, the BIU Student Union brought rap and rock bands to campus and treated hundreds of students to free snacks and drinks.


Opening on a high note, BIU tallies some 33,000 enrollees at its Ramat Gan campus and four regional colleges, including more than 2,000 PhD candidates and close to 6,500 Master's students. Israel's popular Walla news site named BIU's MA in clinical psychology as one of the most sought after academic programs nationwide. Keeping up with global trends, the University has introduced new double majors in such areas as law and economics-accounting, physics and brain science, as well as criminology and Middle Eastern studies.


BIU's over 116,500 alumni are making their mark in government, defense, finance, science, social services, and high tech, where successful ventures launched by BIU grads include the mobile advertised technology company Amobee Inc., (acquired by Singtel in March 2012 for $321 million) and the online data leader eXelate Ltd., which has raised $32 million.