The World’s Premier Jewish Studies Faculty

Bar-Ilan University’s Faculty of Jewish Studies and each of its departments is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in the world. Bar-Ilan is the only university that covers all areas of Jewish study, among them: Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls and Second Temple Literature, Rabbinic Literature, Medieval Literature, Kabbala and Hasidism, Modern and Contemporary History, Jewish Intellectual History, Jewish Philosophy, Archaeology and Land of Israel Studies, and Jewish Art. The Faculty strongly emphasizes research into Hebrew language, as well as Ladino and Yiddish, the study of Semitic languages and Near Eastern studies.


Exemplary Scholarly Reputation

Jewish Studies faculty members are internationally-renowned and respected for their scholarly research, appearing regularly at international conferences and venues. With a number of its scholars winners of the coveted Israel Prize, every year dozens of books and articles are published in the most highly regarded journals of Jewish research. Major works include the Biblical Dictionary edited by the late Prof. Menachem Zvi Kaddari, A Dictionary of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic of the Talmudic and Geonic Periods by Prof. Michael Sokoloff, and the latest publication of Mikra’ot Gedolot based on the unique Aleppo Codex manuscript, a project led by Prof. Menachem Cohen, all internationally acclaimed as the gold standard for works of this nature.


Making an Impact on Jewish Education in the Jewish State

The Faculty of Jewish Studies plays an integral role in designing Jewish studies educational programs and curricula for the school system of the State of Israel. A number of senior faculty members work hand-in-hand with educators in the Ministry of Education and with textbook publishers, playing a key role in shaping Jewish education both in the religious and secular classroom in such subjects as Bible, Jewish history, Hebrew language and Talmud, among others. In addition, the Faculty trains the largest number of Jewish studies teachers in the country.


International Influence

The Faculty of Jewish Studies is a magnet for international students, especially those from the U.S. and the Far East (China and Korea, in particular), who are drawn to the Faculty by virtue its high level of scholarship and the singular advantage of Bar-Ilan having all the disciplines of Jewish study readily available “under one roof.” “Our main goal is to expand our international influence even more,” says the new Faculty Dean, Prof. Elie Assis. “We want to create a major international school that will attract people from all over the world to the Faculty of Jewish Studies at Bar-Ilan University.”