Lytal Bohbot

Lytal Bohbot (22) grew up in a Zionist family in Paris, France. When her brother graduated high school he spent a year in Israel and then enlisted in the IDF'S combat corps, but Lytal's journey was slightly different. She began studying medicine at the Paris 13 University knowing that she would eventually make aliyah. Anxious to start a new chapter in her life, Lytal left school after a year and came to Israel. She enrolled in Bar-Ilan University's one-year Ulpan and preparatory program, which is offered to international students planning to pursue an academic education in Israel. 

During her first year at BIU, Lytal's main focus was learning the Hebrew language. “The preparatory program was perfect for me,” she shares, “The schedule enabled me to adapt to life in Israel. It really helped me with my Hebrew, and I loved the positive and vibrant study environment.” Lytal says she particularly enjoyed the extra activities offered in the campus dorms, as they enabled her to meet fellow Israeli students and expand her social circle in Israel. “Making new friends is very important to new olim,” she explains. 

Since both their children were now living in Israel, Lytal’s parents were quick to make Aliyah as well, moving to the city of Rehovot, where Lytal now lives. Being an Israeli native, her father always felt a longing for his homeland.

Deciding to pursue her academic degree at BIU came naturally to Lytal, having spent a year on campus, making friends and enjoying the unique support system the university provides to all olim students. She chose to register for the Logistics Management BA Program, since many of her French olim friends on campus were enrolled in the program and highly recommended it, and by the time she started her studies, Lytal was all settled in. “Everyone at the program – students and faculty – are so welcoming and helpful,” she says.

Now in her third year, Lytal proudly states that she has a lot of Israeli friends, though the experience of her first year was vital in creating a strong bond with the international students at BIU. 

Lytal says she is very happy here: “Bar-Ilan is just the place for me. My professors are accessible and understanding. The warm treatment creates the feeling that BIU as a whole is caring of its individuals.”