Benji Figdor

“Bar-Ilan was the only University where Social Work students would talk to me about their experience,” says Benji Figdor, 22. “To my surprise, each BIU student I asked was more than willing to share their enjoyment of the studies, the campus, the professors, and especially the student life.”

Bar-Ilan University understands the importance of creating a stimulating yet nurturing environment for its students. It is for this reason that Benji Figdor, 22, chose BIU to further his education and work towards a degree in Social Work.

"When researching different universities in Israel, I struggled to find students willing to talk about their experience studying Social Work. Bar-Ilan was the only place were not one Social Work student had bad things to say about the School or the University.”

Having grown up in a Zionistic family in Melbourne, Australia, after finishing high school in 2011, Benji decided to go on gap year in Israel at Yeshivat Har Etzion. Though he had no plans of making Aliyah, he decided to do Machal, (an IDF-service volunteer program for non-Israelis). But, it was in the middle of Benji's service when he decided to take the plunge and make Israel his permanent home.

"My life in Israel was good; it was organized and already set up. I could see myself living Israel. I considered it a place that that held opportunity and promise for me. During my army service, when I would think about my life in Australia, I could no longer picture a future for myself there."

Benji made Aliyah in 2013, serving an additional year in the army before being released in 2014, after which he spent a year volunteering at the Lone Solider Center, the same organization that had helped him through the his army service.
"The opportunity to work with the Lone Solider Center was an amazing experience for me. I was supported by the organization as a lone solider. Now I had the chance to give back; to assist a community I once was a part of. I identified with these lone soldiers and I understood how to help them because not too long ago, I was walking in their shoes."

When it came time to start thinking about higher education, the decision came easily to Benji. His love of helping and understanding people, and his Lone Soldier Center work experience prompted him with to choose Social Work as his vocation. Now, thoroughly researched and with the recommendations to back it up, Benji knows that Bar-Ilan is the right school and environment for him.

"I am excited to start my studies this year and to see firsthand what I have been told about my degree and the University. I also look forward to meeting new people and starting this new chapter of my life at Bar-Ilan."