Ro Yeger: Changing the Image of Israel One Day at a Time

Meet Ro (Rachel), age 23, single, living in Giva'at Shmuel after making aliyah 1 year ago from New York. She is currently studying in her second year in the Bar-Ilan International Social Sciences program, learning Sociology, Economics and Political Science. In her free time she enjoys baking pastries to share with her friends and she writes a blog on current events for an English news website.

 I chose to study in this field because:

"I grew up in an Ultra-Orthodox community in New York and studied in the Orthodox high school. When I was growing up, I decided that I wanted to expand my general knowledge of the world in the field of Economics and political science. I decided I wanted to pursue my degree at Bar-Ilan University. In the future I plan to study for a master's degree in international relations to continue expanding my knowledge of the world as a whole."


The thing I enjoy most at school:

"It is an incredible experience to sit in a class full of people with different backgrounds where all the students have a common goal. We study together and contemplate how we can best work to create change and leave the world a better place than we found it. My favorite class this year is "Terrorism and Communications" with Prof. Shlomo Shapira because we are learning about the motivations behind peoples' actions."


Favorite spot on campus:

"The fish pond near building 507. I like to sit there between classes and meet new people and spend time with my friends. During classes it is a tranquil and calm spot that allows me to sit, think and write."


Plans for the future:

"As President of the Bar- Ilan Model United Nations Society, I love to engage in international dialog and it is something I would want to do it in the future as a profession. It's important for me to contribute to improve Israel's image in the world, to combat Antisemitism and encouraging immigration to Israel.


What will you take with you after graduation:

"It's not easy being a new immigrant in Israel especially because I need to learn a new language. At Bar-Ilan University the faculty members are helping me and other new immigrants to work on our language skills and give us a lot of encouragement in all our undertakings. They act as good role models for me and it is something I will take with me for the rest of my life."