Simone Somekh

Meet Simone, age 19; here from Italy studying communications and political science in Bar-Ilan's International Program after completing high school. He is the host of " Pop Up - Radio Kol Bar Ilan," a fun, weekly program on music and culture broadcasted from the Bar-Ilan radio studio through the School of Communications. He is a self declared Twitter addict and music aficionado and he works as a freelance journalist for the central Jewish Italian newspaper. 

I chose to study in this field because:
"I have always loved writing and in high school I decided to become a journalist because I love sharing concrete, important ideas that can reach a large audience. When I write, I am completely at home and I can fully express myself and make a difference. 

The thing I enjoy most at school:
I chose Bar Ilan because I was not willing to compromise anything in terms of my education. Here at Bar-Ilan I have found the perfect balance. I have a great social life that works harmoniously with my religious values as well as my belief in modern day science and research.

Favorite spot on campus:
"My favorite spot is the Radio studio. When I sit down at the microphone for my weekly broadcast I can't imagine being happier any where else. I have the freedom to express myself and have fun while learning professional skills. I listen to the music; discuss my views, and debate with others all while learning the technical side of working on a professional radio show. 

Plans for the future:
"In the future I plan on making Aliyah but first I want to travel the world and experience all different kinds of education. I hope to continue my education after Bar-Ilan with journalism school in London or New York City.

What will you take with you after graduation?
"Every country I go to gives me something new. Traveling and learning about new people and exploring has taught me something new. Italy taught me to appreciate art, America taught me competitiveness and Israel has taught me about a true love for a land and the meaning of sacrifice.