Yehuda Yeger: Saving the Face of Israel

Meet Yehuda, age 22, originally from New Jersey. Yehuda is studying communications at BIU and in his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, spending time with his fiancé, cooking and hosting big Shabbat meals for the American community living on and around the Bar-Ilan campus.

Yehuda, currently living in Givat Shmuel, came to Israel at 18, following in his sister Ro, also a BIU student, who made Aliyah a year beforehand. Yehuda came to Israel to volunteer in the IDF, where he served a gunner at the armored corps for three years. Their little brother, Yakov, is also in Israel, currently studying in Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Why did you specifically decide to study Communications?

I believe that Israel still has a lot to learn and a long way to go in terms of representing itself via the media and other communications outlets. Many of the biggest misconceptions about Israel and the Israeli people are caused by our sub-par ability to properly represent ourselves and our issues in the global media. I hope that the tools this degree will provide me with will allow me to make a positive impact on Israel’s and the Jewish people’s public image.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The pond next to building 507 is definitely my favorite spot. I’ve had such fascinating multi-cultural experiences just sitting there, chatting to students from different backgrounds. It’s nice to see that people can leave the world’s problems at the gate and let the campus be a safe place to have a casual, civilized debate.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to start a marketing firm focused on helping Israeli companies improve their image on a world scale. I want to provide companies with the opportunity to reach markets and investors that may not have previously been available to them.

What is one thing you will take with you after graduation?

Hopefully, an academic degree, along with a more comprehensive skillset and a more mature outlook on life.