Gita Reinitz: Paving the Way for New Olim

Meet Gita Reinitz, a grad student in Genetic Engineering at BIU. Gita, 23, came to Israel for a one year course in 2009, after which she decided to officially make Aliyah and build her life in Israel. "As a Jew, I just felt like I fit here. When I decided to stay, someone recommended that I check out Bar-Ilan and I just decided to apply."

Initially, Gita planned to take an entirely different academic path. “I started the BA program in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. One year into the program, I realized my true passion was actually hard sciences.” Gita transferred to Biotechnology, and after several years of hard work (in Hebrew!), she recently completed her BSc. She is currently working towards her MA in Prof. Yaron Shav-Tal's Live Cell Imaging lab in the Nanotechnology triplex.

Having realized how hard it is for an Anglo native to study in Hebrew, Gita made it her mission to help fellow Anglos studying at Bar-Ilan. Whether it was encouraging the university administration to bring on an Anglo campus rabbi, lobbying for test translations, organizing job expos for English speakers, or arranging the first nationwide Model UN conference to be held at BIU, Gita has certainly left her mark on campus. "Bar-Ilan is my whole life. I know so many people here and the English speaking community has become my family. This university opened up numerous opportunities for me and supported my student initiatives, which is something I don't think I would have found elsewhere."