Yoni Yehudai - Venturing into the International Business Market

Londoner Yoni Yehudai completed her International MBA degree at Bar-Ilan University in her native country, Israel.  Yoni who has been living abroad since 2001 is now based in London where she founded and serves as CEO of Kinka Limited. She is an expert in international trade and development. 

What did you think of the International MBA?

The program gives you a lot of tools to start your business life. It enabled and encouraged many networking opportunities. In fact, two of my colleagues from the program are still collaborating with me professionally on a regular basis.


What did you think of Bar-Ilan University?

At the time when I studied there I found the University to be friendly and welcoming. It concentrates on the education side without any political or religious influence.


What is of interest to you currently in Bar-Ilan?

The networking: to meet people who come from the same educational background; and those who are in contact with Bar-Ilan and its activities around the world.


How do you apply you BIU studies to your current business life?

As a result of my background and experience I have set up a UK company which helps Israeli companies SME’s and large corporations enter the UK market and develop their systems in Europe. At the same time European companies are being helped to penetrate the Israeli market.


For more about Yoni Yehudai, refer to the site of the British Friends of Bar-Ilan here.