Camila Edry: Executive MBA (EMBA) Program

Meet Camila Edry, an alumna of Bar-Ilan University's Executive MBA (EMBA) program and BSc program in the Department of Math & Computer Science. Edry serves as Director of National & Aviation Cyber Programs at Elta Systems Ltd, a global leader in cyber defense and subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). One of Elta's senior women managers, she has been employed at the company for a quarter of a century. "It's exciting to work on cutting-edge cyber security solutions for large international industries and enterprises, foreign governments, and defense forces," says Camila, who travels the globe to advise clients in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. "It's fascinating to apply big data and machine learning technologies in the state-of-the-art systems that we design to counter online threats." Elta’s cyber division is leading in the Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium (IC3), established by Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry, which provides end-to-end solutions for enhancing cyber security in various countries. Contributing to cyber security throughout the world, Camila notes that at Elta "we cooperate with leading research centers in Israel and abroad in developing unique technologies that advance our capabilities in dealing with the modern cyber realm, including social media, cloud-storage services, Internet and cellular. We would be pleased to collaborate with BIU's distinguished researchers."

Camila notes her BIU undergraduate training enabled her to launch a career at large hi-tech companies, including Nice and Motorola, before moving on to Elta. Having recently attended the reunion of her BSc computer science graduating class, she says "It was a real pleasure meeting up with former classmates. That really shows how much we all enjoyed our Bar-Ilan experience." While back then many of her fellow women students were pursuing teaching careers in math and computers, Camila was a trailblazer reaching the higher echelons of hi-tech management. "My job is challenging and intriguing. I'm pleased to be at the forefront of innovative cyber security technology," she says noting that today, increasing numbers of women work in hi-tech, but mainly in software.

"Many companies and organizations, like IAI, are now working to advance women to senior management; however, since these positions tend to be very demanding, women should be provided with opportunities to move forward, says Camila. "Research shows that women managers contribute to a diversity of opinion and improved performance, and that's a win-win situation."

In 2010-2011, she enrolled at Bar-Ilan once again. "Being that my position incorporated both business and administration, I wanted to acquire tools for financial and human resource management," she recalls. "The EMBA program was amazing! It afforded me with managerial skills and taught me how to encourage staff members to work in an environment that enhances their capabilities. I learned to devise a business program and evaluate the commercial viability of the new lines we are developing." Camila recalls the diverse but very cohesive group of students. "We had people from interesting backgrounds – lawyers from the State Attorney's Office, health ministry officials, an employee at the Israeli President's official residence, accountants and others. It was great!"

Camila says, "Bar-Ilan is warm and family-like – we knew all our fellow students and lecturers, and the staff was attentive to our needs." And the Edry family connection to BIU does not stop with Camila, a married mother of three. Her son, Itamar, is a 2nd year undergrad in Electrical Engineering at BIU's Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering. "I came to Bar-Ilan so that I would have the possibility of combining academic studies with advanced Torah learning in an environment that is culturally diverse and has a wide range of views," he enthuses.


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