David Tosin Bakare: International MBA

Meet David Tosin Bakare, 43, of Lagos, Nigeria, who's proud to be the first citizen of an African nation to enroll in BIU's one-year Bar-Ilan University, International MBA program. As part of the course, Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Market, Bakare – an entrepreneur himself – has partnered with an Israeli classmate and an American IMBA alumna in designing a social business project to help break the vicious cycle of poverty in Africa. With a three-pronged focus on women empowerment, youth support and enhancement of entrepreneurial motivation, the project employs an "innovative micro-credit model and smart agriculture driven by 21st century technology using the power of social media."

Bakare, who grew up in megacity slums, has an all too clear understanding of the challenges facing impoverished Africans wishing to get ahead in life. Intent on helping the poor obtain interest-free loans to launch their businesses, he explains that "our model is anchored on the success of the concepts of microcredit and microfinance pioneered by 2006 Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Yunus Mohammed in Bangladesh. It differs from current micro-financing in Africa which is more profit driven and therefore not achieving the social business goal of poverty alleviation." Bakare says that "Israel's excellence in technology and agriculture" will play a pivotal role in the successful implementation of this venture, which he plans to launch in Nigeria in January 2019.

Bakare, who holds a BA in mass communication from the University of Nigeria, headed marketing at an international brewery before establishing a marcom consultancy firm a decade ago. He has consulted for governments, organizations, and companies such as the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

A practicing Christian, he says "I was drawn to Israel, the 'Start-Up Nation' which doesn't have numerical strength and yet is a global leader." Noting that "Israel is exporting the best of agricultural technology to Africa" he believes that his continent needs to "forge closer ties with Israel if it wants to make tremendous progress."

His first time in Israel, Bakare says "the IMBA program is perfect for me. I'm gaining expertise in the field, and learning how to launch a project. The program is top notch, the lecturers are knowledgeable and go out of their way to help students, and my classmates are great and eager to assist me." He is also fascinated by the "unique BIU combination of academic excellence and Jewish tradition." Amazed by how tranquil and peaceful it is in the area, the IMBA student says "Bar-Ilan is a beauty to behold - it's a pleasure to be on campus."


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