Naomi Bareket: International MBA

Meet Naomi Bareket, 2005 alumna of Bar-Ilan University's International MBA program (with honors). The co-owner of Bareket Jewelry Design - Empowerment Jewelry, and CEO and co-founder of an international Life Transformation Academy NeuroSUCCESSology, Bareket is also currently establishing a social business venture in Nigeria to empower impoverished Africans to get ahead in life. Partnering with fellow iMBA graduate David Tosin Bakare of Nigeria, Israeli-born Bareket has formulated specialized mindset training to help women and young adults break through their limitations, tap into their innate creativity and become independent and successful  entrepreneurs.

Bareket and Bakare are co-authoring a book, "The King's Mandate", about their social initiative, creating mindset-renewal training, entrepreneurial skill acquisition and innovative agriculture ideas driven by social media technology backed up with stress-free micro-credit facilities. Bareket, who currently resides in California, says she will "raise awareness and support for the venture in the US and manage the mindset training, while Bakare will coordinate operations in Africa and reach out to angel investors for its continuous success." An Israeli BIU classmate of the two is also involved and additional partners are joining, while an online platform is being created to promote projects of budding young African entrepreneurs.

A philanthropist with a special interest in the development of Africa, Bareket says Bar-Ilan's IMBA coordinator initially introduced her to Bakare regarding with a social media project. Over time, the two discovered that they shared a vision of helping the needy in Africa. "The more we talked the more we got excited about our mutual mission and became determined to bring it to fruition," recalls Bareket, who looks forward to the social business venture’s January 2019 launching.

Bareket, who also holds a BA from BIU's Department of English Literature and Linguistics, says the IMBA program advanced her knowledge and expanded her entrepreneurial skills. "Studying at BIU prompted me to expand my vision and reach internationally," says Baraket. "I enjoyed studying with a diverse community and meeting fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world. Bar-Ilan University provides its students with an excellent education and cultivates personal growth."

With a passion for building successful partnerships, this IMBA alumna applies her creative business strategies and extensive background in organizational development and innovative problem-solving to empower people in both the private and business sectors, giving those in Africa an opportunity for a fresh start.


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