Shirly Klivitzky: Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies

Meet Shirly Klivitzky, a graduate of BIU's MA Program in Translation and Interpreting Studies, who translates official correspondence, presentations and overviews for Israel's defense establishment. She is the former senior in-house Hebrew-English-Hebrew translator at a leading translation and subtitling studio.


Shirly, who holds a BA in comparative literature from Tel Aviv University, chose to study at Bar-Ilan because "this is the only university in Israel that offers an academic degree in translation and interpreting studies. Besides, my brother studied at BIU (BA in Economics) and was always saying that Bar-Ilan best prepares you for the job market and provides you with a useful toolkit for the years after graduation. I soon realized exactly what he was talking about."

Born in Israel, Shirly credits the MA Program at BIU's Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies with affording her with the skills to excel in the field. "I loved the program’s pragmatic and hands-on approach to teaching translation. We covered every possible aspect of translation and interpretation, which prepares future translators for the challenges they would most likely encounter in their future careers." During her two years of graduate studies (2014-15), she says "I translated dozens of texts, perfecting my writing skills and style in both English and Hebrew."

She says the translation program provided her with "useful practical working methods and some healthy professional habits – but I think the most important thing I gained was a structured yet creative and flexible approach to translation: I realized the importance of arriving at a very nuanced understanding of the original text, and only then beginning to translate it. As a professional and certified translator and interpreter I feel confident to rephrase sentences and even move away a little from the original text in order to capture its true meaning in the translation."

Shirly notes that "sentences that were repeated by my professors, like '95% of translation is reading comprehension' and 'we do not translate words, we translate ideas' still resonate in my mind today when I struggle to understand a text, or when I insist on finding the exact perfect word or word combination in the target language that would encapsulate the essence of what the writer wanted to say."

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