Magda Korakhashvili

Meet Magda Korakhashvili, 24, a recent graduate of BIU's International MBA Program.  Magda was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. After graduating high school, she moved to Vienna, where she studied business administration at the Lauder Business School, while simultaneously completing a Law degree on line from a  Georgian University.  During her time in Vienna, she became involved in the European Union of Jewish Students, an organization that seeks to strengthen Jewish communities and European society through Jewish student activism and advocacy. Her involvement in the organization led her to open a branch in Georgia and become a local representative of EUJS.  

After completing both her BA’s, Magda knew she wanted to continue to grad school, the only question was where. She ultimately decided to apply to the international MBA program at Bar-Ilan. "There’s an amazing environment here, and I love living in Israel." Magda explains, "It was an amazing opportunity, not just academically, but personally.. Changing the atmosphere for my graduate studies, becoming more worldly, meeting new people, and discovering new opportunities in a country that allows you to further yourself as a Jew and as a professional."

Bar-Ilan's iMBA 1-year program, studying entrepreneurship, global management, finance and marketing provided Magda with the diversity she was seeking. "There are students here from all over the world", she says. "I’ve made friends from the US, Norway, China, and many other countries". In addition, Magda found BIU to be an extremely warm and welcoming. "The professors and administration were always available to answer questions," explains Magda, "Whether I wanted to understand the material on a deeper level, or I just had a question about navigating the work field in Israel."

Growing up in Georgia, Magda never really experienced Judaism up close. "We celebrated Passover and a few other Jewish holidays," she remembers. "But we didn't really keep up traditions".  Since coming to Israel, her love of Judaism and Zionism has grown. BIU was the perfect place to acclimate her to the rich and diverse Israeli culture, and she is now in the process of officially making Aliyah. "I can't imagine my life anywhere else. Israel is my home." 

Magda is currently working at Deloitte, Israel, an international financial consulting firm, as a junior risk advisor doing internal audit for the company.  She feels that BIU’s MBA program provided her with the tools she needed to excel in her career. She also feels that she's gained much more than a degree in finance and accounting. "It’s been an amazing experience, a mixture of fun and warmth and belonging to the BIU family," Magda says, "and the same time, using the knowledge to develop a successful career and a future life in Israel."

The information and skills that she acquired, coupled with the support she received from both faculty and schoolmates here, were what made Bar-Ilan such an integral part of her life. "If I would have just come to Israel and not studied at BIU, I'm not sure where I would be today, personally or professionally.  It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life."