SenseMode – BINA Grad’s Startup Offers Remote Tracking Solutions

When BINA’s Prof. Shulamit Michaeli was looking for a laboratory manager in 2011, the obvious choice was Dr. Itai Tkacz, with whom she had worked closely ever since this Bar-Ilan alumnus joined her group as a Master’s student back in 2004.  But while Tkacz’s doctorate – on the structure and function of RNA protein complexes in Trypanosome trans-splicing – demonstrated the skills he had acquired as molecular biologist, Tkacz also brought something else to the job: a natural talent for business.

“It’s always been important for me to develop things,” Tkacz says.  “So when I thought up something that would be really helpful to scientists, I founded SenseMode together with co-founder and co-owner Erez Bar-Ziv, a graduate of BIU’s Faculty of Law."

SenseMode develops and produces modular systems for remote, real-time tracking of any measurable parameter.  While they can be customized to fit the needs of a wide range of work environments, Tkacz says that all SenseMode solutions provide the same basic product: peace of mind.

“Even if scientists put in long hours, they can’t supervise their experiments all the time,” he says. “SenseMode provides real-time indicators that all systems are ‘go’, nothing has gone wrong, and that no data has been lost. With sensors, video cameras and even audio signals, we are the ‘eyes and ears’ for clients who need trustworthy reports from anywhere in the world.”

Amongst their products one can find  customized systems like that which uses real-time movies and signal analysis to monitor the self-assembly of magnetic components produced by a 3D printer. Tkacz says that this technology is appropriate for other business types as well. 

“Communications companies and factories can monitor operations using our system,” he says. “Currently, we’re working on expanding to other Israeli universities, as well as markets in Europe, India and North America.”



This article was originally published in the BINA Newsletter No. 3 - March 2015