Dr. Gila Fartuk: What I Did with My English Degree

Dr. Gila Fartuk: Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching


In the past years there has grown to be a great interest in issues such as Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Interpersonal Communication and the Importance of Language – verbal and non-verbal. In my career as an Organizational Consultant, I combine what I have learned in my years of study for my PhD in Psycholinguistics (Interpersonal metafunction in schizophrenic speech) with direct experience in the business world.


I implement my knowledge of Psycholinguistics in processes inside and outside organizations, since one of the most important elements of success in organizations is using language to optimize Human Resources, and the interaction between its components.

1.    Sales: the best salespersons show understanding and identification with customers' needs through language.

2.    Customer Service and Retention: the service of a consultant to customers should be proactive to establish trust.

3.    Management: the reason number one why people leave their workplace is their direct manager. Positive communication with subordinates brings out their creativity and enthusiasm.

4.    Executive and Business Coaching: existing communication must be mapped onto other factors in the organization, and  recommendations must be developed on the best ways to improve communication, mainly through language.

5.    Employee interaction with other factors in the organization: Strong verbal abilities are highly appreciated in meetings and other interactions. It is not only the ability to speak – but rather to design and influence emotions, feelings and ideas, and to reach understandings with others.

Choose to learn what your heart yearns, fulfill your destiny, and success and prosperity will follow.

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