A Life-Saving Israeli App

Reporty, the world’s first free and easy-to-download video emergency app, was developed and is produced and marketed by a team of experts including a number of BIU grads.


The woman next to you is holding her baby, who begins choking and turning blue. You pull out your phone and click on the Reporty app, select the icon with the medical symbol, and within seconds an operator from Magen David Adom is not only speaking to you but has clear video feed of the situation at hand. She quickly tells you that the mother should tilt the baby a certain way to open his airway, and moments later the baby has calmed down.



While going for a jog one evening you're accosted by a thug who demands that you give him your wallet or he’ll use his weapon. Then he takes off. You click the Reporty police icon on your phone and within seconds, an operator is able to identify you by name and send a dispatch vehicle to your location even though you’re not exactly sure where you are. The app was able to connect to the nearest data capabilities and find your location.


A sudden fire sets the kitchen ablaze. You click on the Reporty fire department icon and wave your phone in the direction of the fire. An operator has live video feed, tells you what to do and sends firefighters your way immediately.


Available in 160 countries thus far, the Reporty app enables users to connect to emergency dispatchers in groundbreaking speed with the click of a button. When the app is on, the user can select one of the emergency icons on the screen of their phone, which includes police, medical assistance and firefighters. Once an option is clicked the app automatically live streams video from the smart phone camera, and has instant messaging capabilities with the dispatcher as well. Once the call is made, the dispatcher also has crucial information about the caller, such as his/her name and current location.  Reporty features the ability to create a Report "team," which consists of five of the user’s contacts to be notified of the caller’s location in case of any emergency.


“The main goal of the company is to change the way people interact with authorities in an emergency event,” says Amir Elichai, founder and CEO of Reporty, who works alongside co-founders BIU alumnus Alex Dizengof and Lital Leshem. Backed by four patents, the startup won first prize in the Tel Aviv Startup Challenge and has a VIP board of directors, investors, and advisers, including former Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, former commander of IDF’s Unit 8200 cyber intelligence division Pinchas Buchris, and robotics expert BIU Prof. Gal A. Kaminka, along with several BIU grads on the technological team.