Studying Corals in Space

The study of the behavior of corals and other marine organisms in the absence of gravity could pave the way to the development of new materials for industry and biomedicine. This is the aim of the SpaceBioMat (Space Bioreactor for Marine Mineralization Material Research) project, an international collaboration including BIU Prof. Emeritus Zvy Dubinsky and scientists from the universities of Amsterdam and Bologna.

The researchers intend to send their experiments to the orbiting laboratory in the European module Columbus of the International Space Station. The project was selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) under the European Program for Life and Physical Sciences in Space (ELIPS) program that is involved in increasing knowledge on physics and life science through experiments made on board the International Space Station.

Studying the behavior of organisms in the absence of gravity – researchers explained with regard to corals – may be useful as a reference to develop new materials that could have a number of applications in the fields of biomedicine and industry, such as in the study of osteoporosis and other diseases, or to develop bone and dental prostheses.