Identity-Based Conflict Resolution Summer Program - Taught in English

The Conflict Management and Negotiation Graduate Program at Bar-Ilan University recently launched the International Summer Certificate Program on Identity-Based Conflict Resolution. Taught by leading scholars and world renowned experts, this unique Summer Program offers five intensive conflict resolution courses that address religion, rivals’ cooperation, narratives, alternative dispute resolution, and culture. The fifth course provides an internship at leading think tanks and NGOs.


The Summer Certificate Program is the only international summer certificate program in Israel in the field of conflict resolution. It is tailored to those who hold undergraduate/graduate degrees (and those who are entitled to them), graduate students who seek credits in an international settingprofessionals and the general public. Studies are recognized from all disciplines in social sciences, liberal arts and the humanities.


The Program offers a diverse student environment, and consists of seminars, workshops, simulations, guest lectures, and two full day study tours, providing theoretical insights and conflict resolution training. Moreover, students partake in various extracurricular activities such as receptions, meetings with Israeli and Palestinian students and cultural activities. The Program's approach is interdisciplinary, addressing various perspectives from the fields of law, psychology, religion and culture. 


In total, the Program offers 11 academic credits that are recognized in the MA and PhD Conflict Resolution Hebrew tracks and in its forthcoming Masters and PhD English tracks, as well as by additional universities worldwide.


Registration is now open for summer 2015.


For more information, check out the Summer Program’s flyer or contact Rafi Nets, the Program’s Managing Director, at .