About Us

Bar-Ilan is a unique academic institution that combines academic excellence with  the Jewish heart and soul. It provides its students with the wisdom of our heritage and history, combined with advanced research and first rate facilities which enable our graduates to go on and contribute to society on every level with the added value of an education including Jewish morals and social involvement.

Cherished alumni, we regard you as BIU's ambassadors to the world and hope that whatever path you have chosen in life, both personal and professional, you will employ the values instilled in your at our University and succeed in improving the world around you.


Bar-Ilan University prides itself on its plethora of achievements in all fields – humanities, sciences, law, technology and medicine.  But our greatest pride and joy is our alumni who grant us the privilege of making a mark on every discipline both in Israel and around the world.


An active, influential alumni community:


It is our ultimate vision to unite all of BIU's alumni, over a 100,000 men and women, from all walks of life and social sectors, of various degrees, to create a united body of graduates known as the BIU Alumni Community.  We strive for each member of this community to be proud of his/her alma mater, and take part in a dynamic, active community, whose members influence their surroundings using the education and credentials provided to them by BIU and who draw satisfaction and joy from this community.


The BIU Alumni Community will be able to contribute to BIU by imparting their acquired knowledge on students and future graduates and in that way contribute to BIU's growing influence on all sectors of Israeli society and beyond.


Our Alumni will also draw personal benefits from participation in the Alumni Community.  An active membership in the community will enhance your social and occupational circles and will open new opportunities for advancement, both personally and professionally.  In addition, you will be able to continue to enjoy BIU's academic programs, listen in on lectures, and take part in conferences and professional or academic seminars offered all year round, and participate in a variety of enriching and social activities.  Alumni Community members will also be offered special benefits, on and off campus, tailor made for your needs and interests.


You are personally invited to join the BIU Alumni Community and become partners in one of Bar-Ilan's most important ventures.


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