BIU's Expanding Alumni Community
BIU's Expanding Alumni Community (Enlarge)

Bar-Ilan University’s Alumni Community (Kehillat HaBogrim) is broadening its operations. This past year 4,100 BIU graduates were welcomed into its ranks as the Alumni Community advanced its networking efforts and expanded its portal that provides BIU alumni with a growing array of career opportunities in the Israeli job market. The 2017 Career Fair, held on campus grounds, drew over 1,000 young men and women, and featured numerous companies seeking BIU grads, among them Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI), BASHAN- engineering projects consulting and management, and Futures First-international financial market consulting. Another successful event was the meeting with the Israeli Secret Intelligence Unit (Mossad) and Israeli Security Agency (Shabak) about career and employment options in Israeli intelligence, which targeted alumni and students in their final year of study.

The Alumni Community is working to launch additional initiatives, including a Mentoring Project intended to strengthen ties between influential alumni and young graduates at the outset of their careers; an exciting Campus Tour for alumni and their children, which will guide them through leading BIU departments and labs; and an alumni evening at the museum.

Active membership in the BIU Alumni Community expands ones social network and can open many opportunities for personal and professional advancement. In addition, one can continue to enjoy academic enrichment offered by the university by participating in lectures, conferences and academic and professional seminars that are frequently held both on and off campus.

The BIU Alumni Community is working to engage alumni in serving as ambassadors of good will to future students, supporters of philanthropic projects, and career “door-openers.”

BIU grads are invited to visit the Alumni Community website.