Bar-Ilan University Goes Global!

Bar-Ilan University Goes Global! (Enlarge)

Bar-Ilan University’s scientific innovation is continually .enhanced by the inbound and outbound movement of our scientists, scholars and students. The vibrant energy brought forth by postdoctoral students who join our research teams on campus from institutions abroad, as well as those who return “home” to BIU, is thriving – bringing with it not only more academic excellence but also a sophistication and cosmopolitanism that is essential to the development of our world-class institution.


BIU continues to be a hub for new immigrants who find the supportive staff and family-like atmosphere of the university particularly inviting. Well over 1,000 students from around the world color the main campus. These students choose to major in any of the 52 departments offered among the faculties and matriculate into the well-established Hebrew-language learning frameworks. Recently, BIU has responded to the needs of our students by opening several undergraduate and postgraduate programs taught in the English language. Under the guidance of professors from Israel and around the world, participants enjoy dynamic class discussions and diverse learning experiences to compete on an international level.


In summer 2014, Bar-Ilan opened its new International Office for Academic Affairs as the central unit for initiating and coordinating its study programs and courses, as well as for enhancing BIU’s participation in multinational exchange programs such as Erasmus Plus and Euraxess. More new English-language programs will be opened in the coming years, as the University plans to open its International School in summer 2015.


Our International MBA program continues its proven track record in translating the special qualities which have fueled the Israeli business and entrepreneurial machine into a global academic program. Through a grant from the Israeli Council for Higher Education, the program now also welcomes an impressive cohort of students from China. This initiative, including many new courses and a study tour in China, places BIU at the forefront of producing the next generation of Start-Up Nation innovators.


BIU’s outstanding English-language programs in the Humanities: the Shaindy Rudoff MA in Creative Writing, an MA in Linguistics in Clinical Research, and a new MA in Literary Translation, are also attracting students.


Finally, BIU’s renowned Conflict Resolution Program recently launched a new Summer School, which draws students interested in gaining first-hand knowledge in the conflict management and resolution aspects of the Middle East.